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How do I prevent video uploads being low resolution?

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You might have noticed that when you share a video on a social media platform such as YouTube or Facebook, the video ends up at a lower resolution than the resolution you recorded it in.

If you are using the Bandit mobile app:

When you are using the Bandit mobile app for iOS or Android™ to create a video, you have the option to directly upload to your favorite platform immediately after the video has been created. Because your camera is connected to your phone using Wi-Fi®, the mobile app uploads your video using your phone’s cellular connection.

To minimize data usage, the video is compressed to a lower resolution before being uploaded. You can change the settings of YouTube or Facebook to always upload in high definition, but this will have a big impact on your data usage and is not recommended if you don’t have an unlimited data plan.

As a work around, you can save the video to your Gallery or Camera Roll and upload it when you have an active Wi-Fi® connection with the Internet. Make sure you have enabled your YouTube and/or Facebook settings to allow high definition uploads using Wi-Fi® before you do this.

If you are uploading original recordings to YouTube:

If you upload original files that were recorded on the Bandit such as time-lapse and video recordings to YouTube, they appear on YouTube with a maximum resolution of 360p.

This is a known issue with the file format that the Bandit uses to record videos. The file format allows videos to be streamed on the Bandit mobile app. We are working on a fix for this in the next software version for the camera. The new software allows all subsequently recorded videos to be uploaded correctly.

To upload the videos in their original resolution you can use a free video editing program such as iMovie for Mac or Windows Movie Maker to export your videos in the desired resolution, for example 1080p. You can then upload your videos to your favorite platform.

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