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How do I get a GPS fix on my TomTom Bandit?

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Your GPS action camera uses GPS for setting the time and to track highlights, so it is best to wait for a  GPS fix before starting recording. There are several things you can do to make sure you get a GPS fix quickly:


QuickGPSfix helps your camera find your precise location quickly so that you can start your activity. To update the QuickGPSfix information on your camera, connect your camera to your Bandit mobile app. TomTom Bandit mobile app automatically updates QuickGPSfix on your camera. QuickGPSfix information is valid for three days after you download it.

These symbols are used to show the status of QuickGPSfix:

QuickGPSfix on your camera is up-to-date.

QuickGPSfix on your camera is out-of-date. If the QuickGPSfix infor-mation on your camera is out-of-date, your camera still works as usual. It may, however, take longer to get a GPS fix when you want to start an activity

In the following situations, your camera uses QuickGPSfix to help find your position:

  • The camera isn't used for a long time.
  • The camera is out of coverage for more than one week.
  • The camera is restarted more than 500km away from your previous position.

QuickGPSfix contains information about satellite positions which helps your Bandit get a fix faster.

Clear view of the sky

The GPS receiver is positioned under the control button on your camera. While you record, the GPS receiver needs to face upwards. Your camera must be used outdoors, ideally in an open area without tall buildings or trees too close to where you are.

While your camera is waiting for a GPS fix you see a blinking satellite in the camera status screen. When it's ready, your camera shows a steady satellite symbol.

Avoid moving

If you already start moving while your camera is waiting for a GPS fix, it takes longer to get a GPS fix.

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