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How can I prevent poor playback of videos on the computer?

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If you experience poor playback of your videos in which they appear pixelated or choppy, it is usually a result of the computer not being able to process the amount of information that was captured whilst recording.

To avoid this issue, try the following:

  • Copy your video files to your computer’s hard drive before you play them, as reading all the information from the microSD card can result in poor playback.

  • Some players such as Windows Media Player do not play certain video modes smoothly, such as 720p120. It is recommended that you use a free program such as VLC Media Player ( These programs can handle the high definition video produced by the Bandit action camera.

  • You can review all videos recorded on the Bandit mobile app in a lower quality stream for fast playback. By downloading the video files or highlights, the app provides your phone with the highest quality resolution and frame rate combination for your compatible smartphone.

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