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How do I pair my remote control with my Bandit camera?

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The remote control can be used to start and stop recording, and to manually tag your highlights when recording a video. Use the remote control when you can't easily or safely reach your camera.

To connect the remote control to your camera follow these steps:

  1. From the Camera Status screen on your camera, move down to open the SETTINGS menu.

  2. Select GENERAL, then move right.

  3. Select CONNECT, then move right.

  4. Select REMOTE, then move right.

  5. Move up or down to turn it on.

    Your camera is now ready to connect to the remote control each time you switch on your camera.

  6. Press and hold the Start button for 3 seconds on the remote control until the green light blinks.

    You are shown Connected on the Camera Status screen of your camera, and a remote icon is shown on the screen.

Tip: If you have previously paired your remote with your Bandit, but it does not appear when you start the camera, long press on the Start button to wake up the remote control.

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