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How do highlights work with my TomTom Bandit?

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While recording videos, your TomTom Bandit creates video highlights in your videos so you can easily playback, share, and create a story from the best parts.

In-camera sensors automatically mark highlights in your video using speed, g-force, acceleration, rotation and heart rate (using the optional heart-rate sensor). The highlights detected by the sensors depend on the activity you are doing, and how the camera is mounted.

You can also add highlights manually when you are recording a video by pressing the record button on the camera or on the remote. This lets you capture moments that the camera will not detect automatically – such as beautiful scenery, or a funny moment with friends.

You can see your automatic and manual highlights in the Library on the Bandit mobile app. You can delete a highlight from a video by swiping the thumbnail to the left (this does not delete the video, but simply removes the highlight marker from the video).

When you review your original recordings on the Bandit mobile app, you can also add highlights by pressing the highlight button during playback. Long pressing the highlight button lets you edit the length of a highlight to make sure the highlight captures the moment you want to share.

The Create a Story section of the Bandit mobile app makes it really easy to combine these highlights into a video story. You can add a music track, add an overlay* and more clips manually, as well as change the order of the clips. With fast playback and high-definition quality, action-packed videos can be edited and shared in minutes using a Wi-Fi® connection.

*iOS only.

The following highlight icons are used:

Image     Maximum Speed
Image   Maximum g-force
Image   Maximum rotation
Image   Acceleration
Image   Deceleration
Image   Vertical descent
Image   Manual highlight
Image   Maximum heartrate (if a heart rate monitor is attached)

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