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How do I check my SD card?

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A ‘Check SD card’ message can appear on your Bandit due to problems with the microSD card you are using. To find a compatible microSD card, check the list of microSD cards that have been tested with the Bandit and are known to work well: Which memory card can I use with TomTom Bandit?

Recording not starting:

The probable cause is a read error with your microSD card. To fix this problem you can repair the microSD card as follows:

  1. From the Camera Status screen on your camera, move down to open the SETTINGS menu.

  2. Select GENERAL, then move right.

  3. Select STORAGE, then move right.

  4. Select REPAIR SD, then move right.

  5. Select YES to start repairing the microSD card.

    Bandit tries to fix any read errors, then restarts your camera.

Recording starts but stops after a while:

This is caused by slow write speeds to the microSD card and is a result of using a lower class of card. Make sure you use at least a Class 10 microSD card.

It also could be a result of heavy use. If this is the case check our list of supported microSD cards: Which memory card can I use with TomTom Bandit?

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