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How do I connect to the Bandit mobile app?

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With the TomTom Bandit Mobile app, all it takes is a shake to have a ready-to-share edit of your highlights, in full HD quality. You can add more clips manually, as well as change the order of the clips. With fast playback and high-def quality, action-packed videos can be edited and shared in minutes.

To use the Mobile app, you need to first connect your smartphone to the Bandit wireless network. Follow these steps to connect your Bandit to your smartphone using the wireless network:

  1. Switch on your Bandit.
  2. From the Camera Status screen, move up to turn on the Bandit’s wireless connection.
    The name of the wireless connection and the password are shown on the screen.
  3. On your smartphone, go to the phone's wireless settings screen then select the Bandit wireless connection from the network list.
  4. Enter the password shown on the Bandit screen.
    Your phone connects to the Bandit. On the Bandit, the screen shows Connected to device.
  5. Start the Mobile app to use Viewfinder, review your Library, and Create a Story.

Tip: You can reset the wireless network in the Bandit’s General > Options >Reset screen to generate a new Wi-Fi® name and password.

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