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Check SD card error on Bandit

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Memory cards can degrade over time, and performance may suffer as the memory card fills up.  Deleting files from your memory card instead of formatting it can lead to an SD card error. This may cause your camera  to not start or to stop recording.

For better results make sure that you regularly format your microSD card.

Note: Reformatting the microSD card deletes all of the content that is stored on the card so save any videos or photos you want to keep before formatting.

To format your microSD card follow these steps:

  1. From the Camera Status screen on your camera, move Down to open the SETTINGS menu.
  2. Select GENERAL, then move Right.
  3. Select STORAGE, then move Right.
  4. Select FORMAT SD, then move Right.
  5. Move Right again to confirm that you want to format the microSD card.
    TomTom Bandit formats your microSD card.

Your microSD card is formatted and you can continue to use your Bandit.

If formatting the microSD card does not resolve the issue, check if another device like your computer can read the card. If the computer cannot read the card, it may be broken.

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