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How do I transfer tracks and routes to my TomTom Rider device?

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Mac OS X

TomTom Rider uses the USB Media Transfer Profile (MTP) for transferring routes. On a Mac you need to install a program that supports USB MTP, such as Android™ File Transfer.

Once the program is installed, connect your Rider 40/400 to your Mac and select Import routes. This switches the device to MTP mode. Route files such as GPX and ITN can then be copied to the internal memory of your device or a memory card using the MTP program.

Windows XP

If you are using Windows XP you may need to install the Media Transfer Protocol Porting Kit in order to transfer routes to your device.

Newer versions of Windows

For Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 there is no need to install additional software in order to transfer routes. When your device is connected to the computer, you can find it listed as a removable drive in Computer. You can then manually copy routes to the device.

Watch the Videos

Image    Importing routes for your RIDER from your computer using USB

Image    Exporting tracks from your Rider using Bluetooth™

Image    Importing tracks and routes to your RIDER using Bluetooth™

Image    Exporting and importing routes for your RIDER using a memory card

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