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How can I resume a download using the Mobile app for Android™?

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When downloading a map on your Android™ device, you may need to pause the download and resume it at a later time.

To pause a map download, select Pause on the map download screen. To resume the download, select Resume. Your device should continue to download the map.

If you lose the Wi-Fi® connection when downloading a map, downloading will pause automatically. You can choose to continue the download using a mobile data network.

To use a mobile data connection, open the app and select Use Mobile Network from the overflow menu on the map download screen. The overflow menu is the circular icon with 3 dots.

You can also connect to another Wi-Fi® connection, then open the app and select Try again on the map download screen.

If you are downloading a map using a mobile data network and the network connection is lost, downloading will pause automatically. To resume the download, open the app and select Try again on the map download screen.

You may need to start the map download again if one of the following situations occurs and downloading fails:

  • You close the app while download a map.
  • The Android™ operating system closes the app when it is moved to the background
  • Your device runs out of storage space

Note: A map is a large file that can take a long time to download. To prevent high data charges we advise you to download a map using a Wi-Fi® connection.

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