MyDrive Connect update for Windows XP

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Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft. If you still use Windows XP, you may need to take some additional steps as described below.

  1. Go to, then click Download for Windows. Follow the instructions to install the latest version of MyDrive Connect.
  2. Start MyDrive Connect.

If you encounter the following warning, this means that your Windows XP installation is missing a certificate. You can either ignore the warning by clicking Yes each time you start MyDrive Connect or install the certificate manually as explained below.

Installing the certificate manually

  1. Close MyDrive Connect by clicking and then Quit.
  2. Open Internet Explorer* and go to
  3. If you can access the website, this means that the certificate was downloaded and installed on your Windows XP computer successfully.

  4. Start MyDrive Connect.
  5. You should then be able to use MyDrive Connect as normal.

    * This issue can only be resolved using Internet Explorer and no other browser.
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