Do I qualify for Lifetime Maps?

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Depending on what product you have will determine if you qualify for Lifetime Maps. Lifetime Maps let you download 4 or more map updates per year for your TomTom product so you always have the latest map.

For more information, see: What are Lifetime Maps? or How do I activate my Lifetime Maps?

Navigation devices

You must purchase a navigation device which includes Lifetime Maps to qualify.

Lifetime Maps can only be used on one device and cannot be transferred to a new device or a smartphone app.

Lifetime Maps will be transferred to the new user if the device is passed on or sold.

Navigation app for iPhone/iPad

All apps from version 1.0 onwards have Lifetime Maps.

You only need to update the app via the iTunes App Store. We recommend downloading the maps using a Wi-Fi internet connection.

Lifetime Maps can only be used by one Apple ID and cannot be transferred to a new Apple ID or to a navigation device.

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