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How do you measure heart rate recovery?

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For activities that use a heart rate monitor, the watch shows you how your heart rate is recovering when you pause an activity. After a period of one minute your watch gives a score for your heart rate recovery. The faster your heart rate drops after exercise, the fitter you are.

Monitoring of heart rate recovery  works with both the built-in Heart Rate Monitor and the external TomTom Heart Rate Monitor.

About heart rate recovery

Heart rate recovery is your heart's ability to return to a normal rate after an activity within a specific amount of time. In general, a faster heart rate recovery from an activity is an indication of an improved fitness level.

Heart rate recovery has two decreasing phases. During the first minute after exercise the heart rate drops sharply. After the first minute, during the resting plateau, the heart rate gradually decreases.

Your GPS Sports Watch shows you the difference between the heart rate at the start and the end of the minute as well as a 'score' for your recovery.

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