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How do I update the golf courses on my Golfer watch?

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TomTom Sports app

The TomTom Sports app updates all recent golf courses and also those within a range of 3 kilometres (1.8 miles). Typically 20 courses are transferred and the order for transfer is the 20 most recent courses, followed by the closest courses needing an update. Closest courses are chosen based on the GPS location reported by your phone.

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TomTom Sports Connect

Each time you connect your watch to your computer, TomTom Sports Connect downloads and installs the latest changes, following this approach:

  1. Typically around 80 courses are updated.
  2. First the 20 most recently played courses are updated.
  3. Next the closest out-of-date courses, based on the IP address of TomTom Sports Connect, are updated.

Tip: Only courses that need updates are transferred.

If you need to update all golf courses globally, for example when you plan to travel, expand SETTINGS in TomTom Sports Connect. Select the GOLF COURSES tab and click GET NEW MAPS. Note that a global update may take about an hour to complete.

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