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What does the factory reset do on my Golfer watch?

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When you click FACTORY RESET in TomTom Sports Connect, all personal data and settings on your TomTom Golfer GPS watch are deleted. This includes the global golf courses. This action cannot be undone.

You should only use the factory reset as a last resort to restore your watch or if you are intending to remove your data and settings.

A factory reset reinstalls the software on your watch. This removes the following:

  • Your settings on the watch
  • Your settings for TomTom Sports Connect
  • The global golf courses

Important: When you perform a factory reset, do not disconnect your watch before TomTom Sports Connect has finished restoring your watch. Installing the software on your watch takes several minutes. You then need to setup your watch in TomTom Sports Connect before you can install the golf courses again.

Check any messages shown in TomTom Sports Connect and on your watch before you disconnect your watch.

Recovery mode

Before you perform a factory reset on your watch you should try updating the watch software using the recovery mode.
The recovery mode allows you to reinstall the software on your watch without deleting any personal data and settings.
To perform a reset on your watch using the recovery mode, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your GPS Sport Watch to your computer and wait until TomTom Sports Connect finishes updating your watch.

  2. On your watch, move DOWN but keep the button pressed.*

  3. Disconnect the USB cable from your computer.*

  4. Keep pressing the button until your watch shows a watch connected with a computer and

  5. Release the button and connect the USB cable to your computer.

  6. Click Update in TomTom Sports Connect.

* If the USB port on your computer is not easily accessible, connect the dock to the computer without the watch. Then move down from the clock screen while you slide the watch into the dock.

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