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Which headset is compatible with my Rider device?

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To see the list of compatible headsets for TomTom RIDER 500/550, you can refer Headset compatibility for TomTom Rider 500/550.

If your headset is not listed below, it means that we've not been able to verify that the headset works with these devices. However, if your headset has a Bluetooth® Headset Profile it should be supported by your Rider device.

Brand Model
Schuberth SRCS C3 PRO
Scala Rider Freecom 1
Scala Rider Freecom 2
Scala Rider Freecom 4
Scala Rider Qz
Scala Rider Q1 *
Scala Rider Q3
Scala Rider G9x *
Scala Rider G9 (Handsfree Profile only)
Scala Rider Q2
Scala Rider SHO-1
Scala Rider SmartPack
Scala Rider Solo
N-com BX5
Sena SMH10
Sena SMH5
Sena 20S
Sena S20 EVO
Midland BT Next Conf.
Midland City&Eva
Interphone F3 MC
Interphone F4
Interphone F5
Interphone Sport
Interphone Tour
Interphone Urban
N-Com (NolanGroup) BX4 PLUS
Albrecht BPA 300
Interphone F3S
Interphone F5XT
Midland BT x1
Midland BT x2/x2 intercom *
Midland BT-Ski
Schuberth Schuberth SRC-S2
Schuberth SRCS C3
J&M WLS465

* These headsets may need to be re-connected to the Rider after the Rider has been powered off.

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