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How do I use the training partner Race on my GPS Sport Watch?

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Using the RACE training program you can race against one of your ten most recent activities or race against an activity from the TomTom Sports website. To add more races to the website,  click RACE THIS on the activity details page for a particular activity on the TomTom Sports website.

The activity or race from the TomTom Sports website consists of a distance and a time. A race is finished when the distance has been completed.

On your watch, move right from the activity screen to see a representation of the race. The graphics screen shows whether you, as shown by the black arrow, are pacing ahead or behind your previous activity, as shown by the shaded arrow.

The distance at the top of the screen shows the remaining distance in the race, and the distance at the bottom shows how much you are ahead or behind. Your watch alerts you so that you know if you are in front (#1) or behind (#2) in your race.


In this example you are 23 metres behind your previous activity and you have a remaining distance to race of 2.3 kilometres.

The details page for an activity on the TomTom Sports website shows the following:

  • The date and time of the activity you raced against.
  • The distance and duration of the activity you raced against.
  • Whether you won or lost.
  • Whether you  were faster or slower.

Adding previous activities to your GPS Sport Watch

You can add previous activities to your watch using the TomTom Sports website. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the details page for an activity.

  2. Click the RACE THIS button above the map for your activity.

    The activity is added to the list of races on TomTom Sports.
    This list has a maximum length of 20 races (5 defaults and 15 selectable races). The top 5 races are synchronised with your watch.

  3. Re-connect your watch to TomTom Sports to synchronise the list with your watch.

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