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My heart rate is not recorded properly. What do I need to do?

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Built-in Heart Rate Monitor

The built-in Heart Rate Monitor uses the reflection of light to pick up your heartbeat. The way you wear your watch is important because it can affect the performance of the Heart Rate Monitor:

  • Wear the watch in the normal way, with the watch face on top of your wrist and the bottom of the watch touching your skin, away from the wrist bone.


  • Do the strap up so that it is tight to your wrist without being uncomfortable.


  • You get the most accurate results from the heart rate monitor when you are warmed up.

External heart rate monitor

To get the best heart rate data from the external heart rate monitor do the following:

  • Make sure the monitor is the right way up so that the word ’TomTom' is the right way up for someone standing in front of you.


  • Wet the sensors on the strap before placing it around your chest. This makes it easier for the monitor to pick up your heartbeat.

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