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Pairing your watch to your iOS device

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The TomTom Sports mobile app allows you to automatically upload your sports activity data from your TomTom GPS Sports Watch to the TomTom Sports Cloud using your smartphone. It also allows automatic uploads to a number of other websites. In addition, the app downloads QuickGPSfix data to your watch.

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To pair your iOS device with your GPS Sports Watch follow these steps:

  1. From the clock screen on your watch, move down to open the Settings screen, then select Phone and move right.
  2. Move right to start pairing.
  3. Start the Sports mobile app and tap Get started.
  4. Tap watch.
  5. When the name of your watch appears, tap on it.
  6. On your iOS device, tap Pair, then enter the pin code shown on your watch.

The devices should now be paired. Click here for troubleshooting instructions if you experience issues with pairing your watch.

As long as you have the mobile app active or running in the background on your phone or mobile device, the watch automatically tries to connect when it has a new activity to upload or when the QuickGPSfix data is out-of-date.

If you open the mobile app on your phone and it is trying to connect to your watch, you may need to wake up your watch by moving away from the clock screen. Move down, left or right from the clock screen.

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