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Pairing your watch to your Android™ device

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The TomTom Sports mobile app allows you to automatically upload your sports activity data from your TomTom GPS Sports Watch to the TomTom Sports Cloud using your smartphone. It also allows automatic uploads to a number of other websites. In addition, the app downloads QuickGPSfix data to your watch.

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To pair your Android™ device with your watch follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that your watch and Android™ device are close to each other.
  2. Start the TomTom Sports mobile app on your Android™ device and make sure you're logged in to your TomTom account.
  3. Tap Get started at the top of the Latest tab.
  4. From the Clock screen on your watch, press DOWN to open the Settings screen, then select PHONE and press RIGHT. Select PAIR NEW.
    The watch starts looking for the Sports mobile app pairing request.
  5. On your Android™ device, Tap watch on the Activate your Device page.
    Your Android™ device shows Searching.
  6. When the name of your watch appears in the list on the Searching screen, tap on it and accept the request to pair.
  7. In the Sports mobile app, enter the PIN code shown on your watch.

Your watch and your Android™ device are now paired.

As long as you have the mobile app active or running in the background on your Android™ device, the watch automatically tries to connect when it has a new recorded activity to upload or when the QuickGPSfix data is out-of-date.

If you open the mobile app on your Android™ device and it is trying to connect to your watch, you may need to wake up your watch by pressing DOWN from the clock screen. It can take up to 30 seconds to connect to your watch.

If you are upgrading your Android™ device version, then you usually have to fully un-pair and re-pair your watch.

Note: If you have trouble pairing your watch, the first thing to try is to go to the phone's Bluetooth® settings and unpair your TomTom watch before following the steps above again. See also: Troubleshooting the connection between your watch and your Android™ device

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