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How do I add an external heart rate monitor to my GPS Watch?

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To use the TomTom Heart Rate Monitor with your watch, do the following:

  1. Attach the monitor to the strap.

  2. Attach the strap around your chest, so the monitor sits just above the base of your chest bone.
    Make sure the monitor is the right way up so that the word ’TomTom' is the right way up for someone standing in front of you.

    Tip: Wet the sensors on the strap before placing it around your chest. This makes it easier for the monitor to pick up your heartbeat.

  3. From the clock screen on your watch, move down.

  4. Select Sensors then move right.

  5. Select Heart, then move up or down button to turn it on.

  6. When you begin an activity, your watch connects to the monitor and you see a heart icon at the bottom of the screen.

    When your watch is trying to connect to the Heart Rate Monitor, the heart flashes.

    The first time your watch tries to connect to your monitor, if it finds more than one monitor, your watch doesn't know which monitor to connect to. Move to a place where there are no other monitors within range of your watch.

    Once you have connected to your monitor once, your watch always reconnects to your monitor.

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