How do I re-export my old GPS Sport Watch activities?

If you want to export or upload previous activities, or if an activity has not been transferred to a website automatically, you can transfer it manually.

Activities uploaded using MySports Connect

  1. Connect your TomTom GPS Sport Watch to your computer.

  2. Open TomTom MySports Connect.

  3. Wait until MySports Connect has completed transferring your data and shows Up-to-date in the top right corner.

  4. Select the UPLOAD & EXPORT tab and make sure that the export file format and websites you want to upload to are added.

    Tip: To get the best results we recommend that you use .FIT files. If this format does not give you the desired results, try .TCX, and then try .GPX.

  5. In TomTom MySports Connect, click the folder button.

    A window opens showing folders for each day that your watch saved activities. In each folder you find activities in several file formats named after the type of activity and the starting time. For example, Running_11-45-15.ttbin is the file for a run started at 11:45 and 15 seconds.

  6. Double-click the .ttbin file for your activity.

    MySports Connect re-exports your activity. The newly exported files are stored next to the .ttbin file in the same activity folder and the activity gets uploaded to the sports websites. There is no message confirming this.

Note: This does not re-upload activities to TomTom MySports. If you want to re-upload activities to TomTom MySports you need to delete the MySports URL file before you double-click the .ttbin file.

Activities uploaded using the MySports mobile app

When you upload activities using the MySports mobile app, file types for manual import like CSV, FIT or TCX are not stored on your computer. Hence it is best to use MySports Connect on your computer if you need those file types for manual uploads.

When you have already uploaded activities using the MySports mobile app, you can copy the ttbin file from iTunes or your Android device. Then connect your watch to the computer and double-click the .ttbin file for your activity.

Warning: Double-clicking the ttbin file for an activity that was already uploaded using the MySports mobile app will re-upload that activity to the TomTom MySports website, MapMyFitness and RunKeeper. This will duplicate the activity on these sites.

See also: Where does the MySports mobile app store my activity files?

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