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What the factory reset does on your watch

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When you click Reset in TomTom Sports Connect, all personal data and settings on your GPS watch are deleted. This action cannot be undone.

You should only use the factory reset as a last resort to restore your watch or if you are intending to remove your data and settings.

A factory reset reinstalls the software on your watch. This removes the following:

  • Your activities on the watch
  • Your settings on the watch
  • Bluetooth® settings for your phones* and headphones
  • Golf courses on a Golfer watch
  • Score cards on a Golfer watch

A factory reset does not remove playlists of music from a music watch.

* Note: If you are using the TomTom Sports mobile app, you may need to make your smartphone forget your watch. Then pair your watch again.

  • Android™
    In the Bluetooth® Settings menu of your Android™ device, un-pair or forget your watch.
  • iOS
    Go to the iOS Bluetooth® settings screen, click on the (i) icon behind the watch name and select Forget this Device.

Important: When you perform a factory reset, do not disconnect your watch before TomTom Sports Connect has finished restoring your watch. This takes several minutes. Check any messages shown in TomTom Sports Connect and on your watch before you disconnect your watch.

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