How do I use my Runner or Multi-Sport activities on my computer?

You can transfer your activities from your Sports watch to your computer using TomTom MySports Connect. You can download TomTom MySports Connect from here:

Download for Windows Download for Mac OS X

MySports Connect always uploads your activities to TomTom MySports and MapMyFitness. The first time you connect your watch to MySports Connect you are asked to set up your watch and sign up to TomTom MySports.

You can also choose to automatically upload your activities to RunKeeper or Strava and you can save them on your computer in various file formats.

To add more file formats and websites in MySports Connect, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your TomTom GPS Sports watch to your computer.

  2. Open TomTom MySports Connect.

  3. Click SETTINGS to show the settings options.

  4. Select the UPLOAD & EXPORT tab.

  5. Click ADD.

    Select a sports website or file format.

  6. Then click ADD.

Tip: Repeat steps 4 and 5 to select another website or file format.

Once a new sports website or file format is added, all new activities are also transferred to that website or file format.

Note: Activities are uploaded one time only from your watch when you connect your watch to MySports Connect or the MySports mobile app.

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    Error: Problem communicating with your watch

Options for transferring activities to your computer and to sports websites:

  • MySports Activity
    This option is always enabled to automatically upload your activities to TomTom MySports and MapMyFitness.

  • Automatic upload to other sports websites
    You can choose to automatically upload activities to RunKeeper, Strava or TrainingPeaks or to a MapMyFitness account that is not linked to TomTom MySports.

  • Manual upload
    You can choose to save your activities on your computer in various formats. You can then manually import your activities in sports sites.

    Click the folder icon  in MySports connect to go to the exported files on your computer.

    Tip: To get the best results we recommend that you use .FIT files. If this format does not give you the desired results, try .TCX, and then try .GPX.

File formats

  • GPX – GPS Exchange format. This is an open standard for location data that stores the track and time stamps of your workout. Only locations, elevation and time are stored, no heart rate, cadence or other information can be stored in this file format.
  • KML – Google Earth’s native file format. Stores location (track) with elevation and time. Heart rate and other sensor information are stored as additional information and are shown as ‘labels’ in Google Earth
  • TCX – Garmin Training Center file format. This is a file format dedicated to sports and fitness and captures location/elevation, time and all of the sensor data.
  • FIT – ANT+/Garmin format, smaller and more advanced than TCX.
  • PWX - dedicated format for TrainingPeaks.

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