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How much data usage does TomTom Traffic generate?

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On average, if you drive for one hour per day during peak time traffic, you will use approximately 7 MB of data per month.

The amount of data that you use depends on the following:

  • Frequency of use - every time you request a traffic update, new data is sent to your navigation device if an update is available.
  • Time of day - if you drive during rush hour there are typically more traffic incidents. This means that more data is sent to your device when compared to, for example, driving at night when the roads are normally quieter.

Travelling abroad

By default, data roaming is disabled on most smartphones when you travel abroad. If you plan to travel abroad and want to use TomTom Traffic, please note that additional costs can be incurred on your phone because roaming needs to be switched on.

If you switch on roaming, other apps on your phone may start to use data, such as social media apps, chat apps or email apps.

Tip: Check with your mobile provider regarding roaming costs and the availability of temporary data plans for travelling abroad.

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