Can I use my smartphone to connect to TomTom Services?

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Some TomTom navigation devices use your phone to connect to TomTom services so that you can receive real-time TomTom Traffic and safety warnings. The following devices are Smartphone Connected: GO 40, GO 50, GO 60, GO 400, GO 500, GO 600, GO 510, GO 610GO 620 Wi-Fi

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Personal Area Networks

Your phone shares its internet connection by using the phone's Bluetooth and Personal Area Network (PAN) functions.
Depending on your phone's Operating System, this network, or PAN, might be called one of the following names:

  • Personal Hotspot (iPhone)
  • Tethering or Bluetooth Tethering
  • Tether or Bluetooth Tether

The PAN function is probably already in your phone's Operating System, or you can download an app to create a PAN.

Note: Some mobile service providers don't allow their users to use a PAN. If your phone doesn't have the PAN function, you should contact your service provider for more information.

Check the user guide for your phone if you are having trouble finding the settings.

How to check compatibility

  1. Is your smartphone running an operating system that supports sharing a mobile internet connection?

    • iPhones
      For iPhones iOS 6 or later is required
      How do I check the version?

    • Android phones
      For Android phones - version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later is required
      How do I check the version?

    • BlackBerry phones
      For BlackBerry phones only the Z10 is supported. (We tested operating system version

    • Other mobile operating systems are currently not supported

  2. In your phone's settings, do you see an option to share a mobile internet connection?
    If not, it may have been removed by your mobile service provider. Check with your mobile service provider if your subscription plan allows sharing a mobile internet connection.

  3. Can your smartphone use Bluetooth to share a mobile internet connection?

  4. In your phone's settings, is Bluetooth enabled and is your phone discoverable?

Using TomTom Traffic and Safety Cameras means that data is sent and received by your smartphone. You might have additional costs when you use the internet on your phone, especially if you are outside the area covered by your data plan. Check with your mobile services provider for more information.

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