How do I connect to TomTom services using my smartphone?

Updated: 18/11/2014 03.56 AM

Smartphone Connected navigation devices use your phone to connect to TomTom services so that you can receive real-time TomTom Traffic and safety warnings. The following devices are Smartphone Connected: GO 50, GO 60, GO 500, GO 600

Your phone needs to be compatible with the navigation device, and you must have a data plan from a mobile services provider. For more information regarding compatibility visit Can I use my smartphone to connect to TomTom Services?

Follow the steps below for phones other than iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S5. If you have one of these phones, click iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S5 for specific steps.

Generic steps




Samsung Galaxy S5


How do I connect to my mobile phone again?

Once you have paired your navigation device and your smartphone you do not need to do anything to reconnect them.

Your navigation device will remember your phone and will find it automatically when you have Personal Area Network (PAN) and Bluetooth switched on and you are in range of your navigation device. If you have a valid TomTom services subscription, the service will start automatically.

The Bluetooth icon at the top of the Main Menu screen shows the status of the Bluetooth connection:

Image     Bluetooth not connected.
Image     Bluetooth connecting. Your device is trying to automatically connect to your phone.
Image     Bluetooth connected. Your device is connected to your phone.

If you want to connect using another phone, you must turn on Personal Area Network (PAN) and Bluetooth on that phone, then let your navigation device search for the phone.

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