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How can I get a GPS signal on my Android™ device?

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If the TomTom app is not able to locate your current position, there are several things you should check.

Use GPS satellites

The app uses the Android™ device’s GPS receiver. Make sure your Android™ device is set to use GPS satellites.

Most Android™ devices show a symbol like the one shown below at the top of the screen when the GPS receiver is on:

GPS icon

Location services

The app can use your Android™ device’s location services to locate your position faster. Location services use Wi-Fi® and/or mobile networks to determine your position.

Refer to the documentation that came with your Android™ device for instructions on how to switch on location services.

Clear view 

Your Android™ device must be outdoors to locate your current position. Try repositioning your Android™ device in your car, ideally try to position it at the lowest possible point directly on the windscreen.

Some vehicles have a heat reflective shield embedded in the windscreen, that may prevent your Android™ device from locating your current position.

Tip: To check if your Android™ device is working properly, place it outside in your parked car to see if it can find your current position.

Travelling abroad

By default, data roaming is switched off when you travel abroad. If you cannot get a GPS signal abroad in a reasonable time, you may want to temporarily switch on data roaming.

Refer to the documentation that came with your Android™ device for instructions on how to switch on data roaming.

Note: Receiving data abroad may incur additional charges on your phone bill.

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