Why is my device not recognised? (MyDrive)

Updated: 13/02/2014 11.42 PM

This page applies to navigation devices that are updated using MyDrive. What software do I need to update my device?

If you are prompted to connect your navigation device, to your computer when your device is already connected to the computer and switched on, follow the instructions below.

ImageInstall MyDrive Connect

MyDrive Connect allows your navigation device to communicate with the MyDrive website. MyDrive Connect needs to be running all the time that your device is connected to your computer. more

ImageMake sure that your navigation device is connected

Click the MyDrive Connect icon (Image or Image) in the Windows notification area or Apple menu bar. A small window pops up. Your navigation device should be shown as Connected at the top of this window.


If your navigation device is not connected, check the connection between your navigation device and your computer. more

ImageMake sure MyDrive Connect recognises your device

To check if your navigation device is recognised by MyDrive Connect, click the MyDrive Connect icon (Image or Image) and then MyDrive. A browser window will open MyDrive and display the Connected flag.

If you are asked to install MyDrive Connect, your navigation device is not recognised.  more

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