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Why can't my device find a valid GPS-signal?

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If your navigation device cannot find it's location you read the information and follow the steps in the guide below to solve this.

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How long does it take before your device works out your location?

Your device needs to be able to see at least four GPS satellites to be able to calculate your location on the map.

If the GPS signal is weak or your device is only able to see three satellites or fewer, the location icon is shown in gray, the Driving View is shown in gray, or one of the following messages can be shown:

  • Waiting for a valid GPS signal
  • Poor GPS signal...
  • The GPS signal was lost x seconds ago

Keep in mind that even if your device is working correctly, it may take a couple of minutes for it to work out your location when you switch it on.

Does your navigation device find your location within a couple of minutes?  




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