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How do I stop sharing information with TomTom?

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When you first start navigating or perform a reset, your device asks for permission to collect some information about your use of the navigation device. The information is stored on the device until we retrieve it. We use it anonymously to improve our products and services. If you use LIVE services, we will also use your location information to deliver the services to you.

You can change whether you share this information with us at any time. The method used to stop the sharing of information with TomTom depends on your type of navigation device.

Select your type of navigation device:

Devices connecting to MyDrive Connect

Devices connecting to TomTom HOME

Navigation app for iPhone/iPad

Note: If you choose not to share this information, you will no longer receive LIVE services. This is because LIVE services need to send the location of your device to TomTom in order to receive the traffic information related to where you are. The end date of your subscription remains the same, even if you do not share this information with us.

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