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Do I need to send information to TomTom to use TomTom Traffic/LIVE Services?

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Yes, you need to give permission for information to be sent from your navigation device if you want to make use of TomTom Traffic or a LIVE Services subscription. Our server needs to receive the location of the navigation device in order to send the right information related to that location.

Enabling the sending of information on a navigation device is not the same on all devices. Select your navigation device from the list below for instructions.

Note: If you don't know which device you have, see Which TomTom device do I have?

What happens to my LIVE Services subscription if I don't send information?

If you decide not to send information from your navigation device to TomTom, LIVE services are disabled, while the end date of your subscription remains the same. To enable the sending of information at any time, follow the instructions above.

Additional information

If you think that your information is not being used for the purpose for which you have provided it to TomTom, contact us at

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