What program do I need to update my device?

Updated: 03/10/2014 04.34 AM

To update your navigation device you must install either MyDrive Connect or TomTom HOME on your computer, depending on the navigation device you have. more

If you are not sure which navigation device you have, see Which TomTom device do I have?

Car navigation
Built-in car navigation
Truck navigation
Bike navigation



You can download MyDrive Connect for Windows or for Mac OS X.

For help, see How do I install MyDrive Connect?

To open MyDrive in your browser click here.


You can download TomTom HOME for Windows or for Mac OS X.

For help, see How do I install TomTom HOME?

  • GO 50, GO 60, GO 500, GO 600, GO 5000, GO 6000, START 40, START 50, START 60

  • GO LIVE Top Gear edition

  • GO LIVE 800 series
    GO LIVE 820 and GO LIVE 825

  • GO 2000 series
    GO LIVE 2050 and GO LIVE 2050 World

  • GO 1000 series
    GO 1050 and GO 1000

  • Via series
    Via 160, Via LIVE 160, Via 180, Via LIVE 180, Via 220, Via 360 , Via 380 and Via 620

  • GO x50 series
    GO 950 and GO 750

  • GO x40 series
    GO 940 and GO 740

  • GO x30 series
    GO 930 and GO 730

  • GO 720

  • GO x10 series
    GO 910 and GO 710

  • GO x00 series (2005)
    GO 500 and GO 300

  • GO

  • XXL series
    XXL Classic and XXL 540

  • XL series
    XL Classic, XL 330 and XL 250

  • Start series
    Start Classic and Start 10

  • ONE series
    ONE XL, ONE IQ Routes, ONE 130, ONE 3rd Edition, ONE 2nd Edition and ONE 1st Edition

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  • New Zealand map

    The latest map for New Zealand is showing incorrect speed limits and has been withdrawn. Our map team has identified the issue and is working on a fix. If you have already installed the New Zealand map version 9.45, please connect your device to MyDrive and download a temporary fix with map version 9.40. A new map will be available soon. We will update this announcement when the new map is available.

  • New map (945) released!

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