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About MapShare reporter

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MapShare Reporter is an online application for reporting changes to TomTom maps using your mobile phone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer. 

MapShare Reporter enables you to use a larger monitor or laptop screen for reporting changes and provides plenty of space to add comments to your reports.  Our Review Team will check your reports carefully and consider including them in future updates to our maps.

Note: For truck-specific map changes, add a note in the report's comment field to say that the change is only applicable for trucks.

You can find MapShare Reporter here:

How is MapShare Reporter different from MapShare on a navigation device?

Using MapShare Reporter you can go online and use your computer to tell TomTom about changes that you would like to see included in future versions of our maps. Using MapShare on a navigation device is different because it enables you to make certain map changes instantly.

What does TomTom do with my reports?

Your reports are important to us and we take time to review each one carefully.   Depending on the nature of the change, it can be resolved within a few days or a few weeks.  After a change is accepted, it may take some time for this to become available in a map update for your navigation device or to be incorporated into LIVE Traffic and Route Planner services on our website.

Browser Requirements for MapShare Reporter

MapShare Reporter should work with recent versions of Firefox, Safari and Chrome. You will need JavaScript enabled in your browser to use MapShare Reporter.

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Logging in to MapShare Reporter

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the email address and password for your TomTom account and click Login.
    • If you don’t have a TomTom account, click here to create one.
  3. Agree to the Terms of Use by ticking the checkbox and clicking Yes.

Finding a map location

  1. Type the address information in the text box.  You can search using any of the following information:
    • Street name plus either the city or state
    • Postcode
    • Coordinates
  2. Click Find location.
  3. Select the correct option from the list of results.

If the correct option is not listed, add additional information to the text box and repeat the steps above.

Note: You can pan across the map using the arrow-keys on your keyboard.

Creating a map change report using MapShare Reporter

  1. Log in to MapShare Reporter.
  2. Zoom in closely on the map.
  3. Click the location for the change you want to report.
  4. Select the relevant report type from the list that is shown.

You are offered different options depending on the location you have selected:

When you click on a road: When you click a location other than a road: All locations:

  • Add a missing address
  • Correct a misplaced address

Missing Street
  • Add a street

Point of Interest
  • Add a Point of Interest

Traffic Flow
  • Report a closed or opened street
  • Report a one-way or two-way street
  • Add or remove a roundabout

  • For reporting map changes that don't fit in any other category

  • Change a street name
  • Remove a street
  • Change a route number
  • Correct a street location

Turn Restriction
  • Left turn or Right turn allowed
  • No left turn or No right turn allowed
  • U-turn allowed or U-turn not allowed

Speed Limit
  • Add a Speed signpost or update a speed limit

Speed camera*
  • Add a camera

*The option to report Speed cameras is only available in countries where TomTom provides Speed camera information.

Reporting speed limit changes

Add a new or update an existing speed limit with the following steps:

  1. Click the relevant location and select the Speed Limit icon.
  2. Click the 'Indicate Zone on Map'-button to place flags at the start and end points of the stretch this speed limit applies to.
  3. Enter the maximum speed allowed on the road.
  4. Select the traffic direction and vehicle types.
  5. You may finally add your comments or a photo of the signpost showing this speed limit.

Reporting traffic flow changes

Update traffic flow with the following steps:

  1. Click the relevant location and select the Traffic Flow icon.
  2. Select the traffic direction and indicate if the affected location is a roundabout or not.
  3. Select if the road is closed or not. If it is closed, you can select either a temporary or a permanent closure. In both cases you can also select the impacted vehicle types.
  4. You can also add a comment or a picture to indicate the status of the road.

Selecting the Traffic Flow type for your report automatically activates the Traffic Incidents layer. This layer (which shows road information such as heavy traffic, ongoing maintenance activity, etc.) is not available for all countries.

Updating speed cameras

To update the information for a speed camera, click its icon on the map.
There are different icons shown depending on if the speed camera is associated with a speed limit, a traffic light, or both:

Once a speed camera is selected, you can update what the camera monitors, in which direction(s), the speed restriction and add comments or a photo. If the camera is no longer present in this location, click Delete to request its removal.

Note that the icon on the map will only change after the report has been fully processed.

Updating Points of Interest (POI)

and many more...

Click a POI icon on the map to update its information or to request it to be removed. The Type you select for a POI determines which icon is used for it once the report is fully processed.


Click the My Reports button to see the reports you have submitted on your account:

Viewing your report submission history

When you open My Reports you see a list of all the reports you have submitted on the portion of the map that's visible in your current view. You can filter the list based on the status of the report, or you can change the date range to show narrow down the list.

When you click a report in this list you see the details of your submission. You can also see the details by clicking the icon for one of your reports on the map and then clicking More info in the popup at the bottom of the screen.

Note that you need to close My Reports to be able to create new reports or browse POIs on the map.

Report statuses

The reports you submit in the MapShare Reporter will have one of the four following statuses:

- Pending
We've received your Map Report and are currently evaluating it. We'll let you know soon if we can use it.

- Accepted
Your report has been evaluated and accepted. We have updated our database and we're preparing the information for our maps.

- Fixed
The change reported by you will be included in our next map release. You will see the changes reflected in our online maps or updated maps on your device. Thank you for your help with keeping the maps up-to-date and accurate!

- Not accepted
Your report has been evaluated, but we have decided not to use your suggested change.

Note that if two or more report icons are too close to each other for your current zoom level, you will instead see the 'Report Stack' icon as pictured below. To see the individual reports, either zoom in manually on the stack, or click the stack icon to automatically zoom in on them.

Altering an existing report

It's not possible to make changes to a report after it's been submitted. If you want to change or update the information you have sent in, create a separate, new report with the corrected information.


To turn on and off additional information on the map, click the Layers icon:

Here you can toggle the visibility of Speed Cameras, Traffic Incidents, POIs and Reports on the map.
Remember that the layers available may differ depending on the region you are viewing, so for certain countries or areas you might not have the option to show speed cameras or traffic information.

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