What is the Map Share Reporter and how do I use it?

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Map Share Reporter is an online application for reporting changes to TomTom maps using your desktop or laptop computer. 
Map Share Reporter enables you to use a larger monitor or laptop screen for reporting changes and provides plenty of space to add comments to your reports.  Our Review Team will check your reports carefully and consider including them in future updates to our maps.

Note: For truck-specific map changes, add a note in the report's comment field to say that the change is only applicable for trucks.

You can find Map Share Reporter here: www.tomtom.com/mapshare/tools.

How is Map Share Reporter different from Map Share on a navigation device?

Using Map Share Reporter you can go online and use your computer to tell TomTom about changes that you would like to see included in future versions of our maps.  Using Map Share on a navigation device is different because it enables you to make certain map changes instantly. [ show me how... ]

What does TomTom do with my reports?

Your reports are important to us and we take time to review each one carefully.   Depending on the nature of the change, it can be resolved within a few days or a few weeks.  After a change is accepted, it may take some time for this to become available in a map update for your navigation device or to be incorporated into LIVE Traffic and Route Planner services on our website.

In which countries can I report map changes using Map Share Reporter?

You can use Map Share Reporter to report map changes in 90 countries.

Browser Requirements for Map Share Reporter

Map Share Reporter should work with recent versions of Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. You will need JavaScript enabled in your browser to use Map Share Reporter.

Logging in to Map Share Reporter

  1. Go to http://www.tomtom.com/mapshare/tools
  2. If you don’t have a MyTomTom account, click here to create one.
  3. In the Email field, enter your MyTomTom account email address.
  4. In the Password field, enter your MyTomTom account password.
  5. Click Sign in.
  6. Select the check box to agree to the Terms of Use.
  7. Click Yes.

Finding a map location

  1. Type the address information in the text box.  You can search using any of the following information:
    • Street name plus either the city or state
    • Postcode
  2. Click Find location.
  3. Select the correct option from the list of results.

If the correct option is not listed, add additional information to the text box and repeat the steps above

Zooming in to edit the map

  1. Log in to Map Share Reporter using your MyTomTom account.
  2. Click on the magnifying glass icon.
  3. Click on your chosen area of the map.

Note: You can pan around in the map window by using the arrow keys on the keyboard.

Making a map change report using Map Share Reporter

  1. Log in to Map Share Reporter.
  2. Zoom in closely to the map.
  3. Click Report a map change.
  4. Select the Report type from the foll
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