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How to install and update maps with MyDrive Connect

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You can use MyDrive Connect to update, change or install new maps on your navigation device.
To see the steps for updating a Wi-Fi®-enabled device using a wired connection and your computer, click this link.
If you don’t have MyDrive Connect installed on your computer, use one of these links:

Download for Windows       Download for Mac OSX

Links mentioned in video: Removing unused content

1. Connecting to MyDrive Connect

Connect your navigation device to your computer and start MyDrive Connect. Log in with your TomTom account if prompted, and wait until your device is turned on.
When your device is connected, MyDrive Connect automatically checks for updates and syncs any changes from your device.

Click either My Content or the green button named View Updates to manage your content.

NOTE: If your device isn’t shown as Connected with the green checkmark, or doesn’t show up at all here, click here to jump to the troubleshooting section.

2. Updating

Click View Updates or My Content in the menu bar to see a list of the available updates.

Note: If there is a software update available for your device, you need to install this before you can update your maps. The Navcore update is already checked and at the top of the list, so just click Update Selected to install it. [click to see image]

To download and install updates tick or untick the checkboxes to the right to choose what to update, then click Update Selected.

The update(s) are first downloaded to your computer, then transferred to your navigation device, and finally installed and prepared for use.
Make sure you don’t disconnect your navigation device from the computer until both the device and MyDrive Connect says that the update has been completed.

Is your update not starting or getting interrupted?
Click here to jump to the troubleshooting section

3. Managing content

You can also add, delete or change the maps you have installed on your navigation device in the My Content tab.
When you scroll down to My Maps, you see the maps that are installed on as well as available for your device. Click on a map image to see more details.

  • Change - Install a map with different coverage to get a smaller or larger version. Some maps allow you to select versions with different country coverage so you can install a smaller map that still suits your needs.
  • Uninstall - Delete the selected map. If you have several maps installed you can delete maps to free up space, but you always need to have at least one map installed on your device.
  • Install - Add a new map for use on your navigation device. The section My Maps shows all the maps that were included with your device and that you have purchased for it, so you can freely install or swap these around.


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>> Device not connecting to your computer

>> Not enough free space

>> Corrupted map / Failed installation or download

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