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HOME Error: While logging into your account

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This issue could be caused by your internet security settings or the MyTomTom account you're using. In order to solve this, follow the advice below.

  1. Make sure your computer is connected to the internet.

  2. Make sure you are using the correct username (email address) and password.

  3. If you keep getting a message saying that the username and password combination is incorrect, create a new, simple password for your MyTomTom account. Show me how

  4. Log into TomTom HOME with your new password.

    If you can log in on our website but not to TomTom HOME, check your internet security settings. Your computer's internet security settings may be preventing TomTom HOME from connecting to the internet. Ensure that your internet security is configured to allow TomTom HOME unrestricted internet access.

    If you can't log in on our website or to TomTom HOME, there may be a problem with your MyTomTom account. In this case, we recommend contacting Customer Care.

    NOTE: Click here for HOME Error: SAM server returned an unexpected error

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