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HOME Error: While making a payment

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This FAQ contains information that may not be applicable to your device. More information.

If an error occurs while making a payment in TomTom HOME, it is usually caused by one of the following issues:

  • a server outage,
  • a temporary problem in the connection between our shop and the international billing systems.

Both of these issues are automatically solved so please try to make your payment again at a later time.

If the problem persists, it could be caused by the payment method you are using. In this case, please try a different payment method if possible.

If you are renewing your Map Update Service subscription, make sure you have installed the latest map available for your device. Show me how.

NOTE: Error from server: Map certificate validation failed
This error can occur when buying a Map Update Service subscription. In this case, we recommend contacting Customer Support. You may be required to supply a proof of purchase for your current map or navigation device, so attach this to your incident, when submitting your question through our contact form.

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