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HOME Error: While making a backup

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If you receive an error message when trying to make a backup using TomTom HOME, there is something wrong with either TomTom HOME or the navigation device. Most commonly, this error is caused by TomTom HOME and a full reinstallation usually fixes the problem, as described below.

  1. Follow the instructions for a "Full uninstall (advanced)" of TomTom HOME. [ show me how... ]
  2. Install TomTom HOME again. [ show me how... ]

If the above solution does not solve the problem, it may mean that there is a corruption on the navigation device. To fix this, we recommend restoring your navigation device. [ show me how... ]

Tip: If you just want to make a backup of your navigation device without reinstalling TomTom HOME, you can make a manual backup. [ show me how... ]

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