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HOME Error: This file is invalid (archive file)

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Note: Version 2.8.4 or higher of TomTom HOME helps to prevent these errors. To get the latest version of HOME, click Help in the HOME menu and then select Check for HOME update.

This error means that something has gone wrong while downloading an item and that subsequently causes an error during installation of that same item.

It is often caused by the internet security settings on your computer. That is why we recommend you take the following into consideration, before downloading the item(s) again as explained below.

  • Your computer's internet security settings may be preventing TomTom HOME from connecting to the internet. Ensure that your internet security settings are configured to allow TomTom HOME unrestricted access to the internet.

  • If you are using a wireless internet connection, try using a wired internet connection instead.

  • If you are using a router or hub to connect to your internet modem, try connecting your computer directly to the internet modem instead.
  • Try using a different computer with a different internet connection.
Download item(s) again
Select your operating system below and follow the advice in order to fix this issue.

Windows XP

Windows 7 / Vista

Mac OS X

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