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My device is not working. How do I restore it?

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If your navigation device is not functioning correctly, reinstalling the device software may solve the problem. The following procedure is only applicable to devices using TomTom HOME for updates.

If you are not sure if your device uses TomTom HOME for updates, visit What software do I need to update my device?

This procedure formats the navigation device to delete all of the installed items. The operating system of the navigation device is then downloaded and installed again using TomTom HOME.

Important: Your navigation device does not function correctly without a map. Your choice of procedure to follow depends on whether you have an active map (subscription) on your account or not.

I have a map to download on my account - these steps will show you how to download your map again.

I don't have a map to download - these steps will show you how to make a backup of your installed map and then restore it.

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Links mentioned in video: Installing TomTom HOME

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