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How do I optimise the RDS-TMC reception?

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Here are a few tips for setting up your RDS-TMC for optimal reception.

Setting up your RDS-TMC receiver in the car

Note: When you set up your navigation device in your car, don’t block the driver’s view of the road.

Select your RDS-TMC connector:

Image   Image   Image

RDS-TMC receiver
using USB connector
RDS-TMC receiver
using serial connector
Active Dock Traffic RDS-TMC
(GO x40, GO x50)

My RDS-TMC receiver is set up correctly but I don’t get traffic information.

Check the following for optimal RDS-TMC reception:
  • Is the correct country selected?  [more...]

  • Place the tip of the antenna as far away from your navigation device as possible.
    Use the full length of the antenna for the best possible reception.

  • Some athermic heat-reflecting windscreens and built-in windscreen heaters can block RDS- TMC reception.

    Tip: You can test your RDS-TMC receiver by placing it outside your parked car to see if it can find a signal.

  • If radio reception is poor, for example when you are driving through a mountain valley, RDS-TMC reception will also be affected.

    The following symbols are shown on the top of the Traffic bar:

    Image     Searching for a RDS-TMC station.
    Image     RDS-TMC information is up-to-date.
    Image     Waiting to download latest RDS-TMC information.

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