Why are my TomTom Traffic/LIVE Services not working?

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In some cases you may not be able to activate LIVE Services. The traffic bar stays grey.

Note: If you see an error message displayed on your device, please write it down, as you may need this information later if contacting Customer Care.

How to solve this depends on the type of navigation device you have. Select your device type from the list below:

GO 40, GO 50, GO 60, GO 400, GO 500, GO 600, GO 510, GO 610, GO 5000, GO 6000, GO 5100, GO 6100GO 520 Wi-Fi, GO 620 Wi-Fi, GO 5200 Wi-Fi, GO 6200 Wi-Fi

GO LIVE 2050, GO LIVE 1050, GO LIVE 1000 series, Via LIVE series

GO x50 LIVE, GO x40 LIVE


Carminat LIVE
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