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Changing a Map Zone (TomTom HOME)

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Note: Map zones are not available for all maps.

The size of our maps increases all the time as we add detail, such as new roads. We add more detail to make the maps more accurate and more useful.

You may find that when you buy a new map or update an existing map, the map you have chosen does not fit on your navigation device. To solve this, TomTom HOME can offer you smaller sections of some maps, called map zones. A map zone contains the same level of detail as a complete map.

When you buy or update a map, you may be able to choose a map zone using TomTom HOME. This happens if you cannot fit a complete map on your navigation device.

For an overview of available map zones, see Available Map Zones (TomTom HOME).

Changing your active zone

You may want to select a map zone that includes the countries where you drive most often or a different zone for an international trip.

Note: HOME only downloads the zone you have selected. You are still entitled to use the complete map and can change the active zone in use on your device at any time using TomTom HOME. You can only install one map zone at any time.

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You can change the active map zone in use on your navigation device at any time using TomTom HOME. To change zones, do the following:

  1. Click Manage my device in the main menu in HOME.

  2. Click the Items on device tab.

  3. Expand Maps, then click Change map zone next to the map currently on your device.

    Your currently installed zone is shown together with a list of other available zones for your map.

  4. Select a map zone to replace the one currently installed on your navigation device.

  5. Click Done.
Your new map zone replaces the existing map on your navigation device.

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