How do I use latitude and longitude coordinates?

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Note: This feature is not supported on all devices. To find out more about the features in your navigation device, refer to the device’s reference guide.

To navigate to a location using latitude and longitude coordinates, follow the steps below:

  1. From the Main menu, tap Navigate to...

  2. Tap Latitude Longitude.
  3. Enter the coordinates and tap OK.

Note that latitude and longitude coordinates can be formatted in three different ways:

  • Degrees (d.d°) - 49.5000°, -123.5000°
  • Minutes (d°m.m') - 49°30.0', -123°30.0'
  • Seconds (d°m's'') - 49°30'00"N, 123°30'00"W

Your navigation device is set to Degrees by default. For steps on how to change the format, select your device from the list below:

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