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Linking your navigation device to your TomTom account

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To receive updates, every TomTom navigation device has to be linked to a TomTom account.

Adding a device to your account

  1. Download MyDrive Connect. For more information on how to install MyDrive Connect, view our FAQ. How do I install MyDrive Connect on my computer?
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to link the connected navigation device to your TomTom account. See the example below.
  3. Tip: You can link up to 10 navigation devices to one TomTom account. Any maps or services you purchase are assigned to the serial number of the device you purchase them for.

  4. You can add another device to your account by clicking My Devices on the home screen of MyDrive Connect, then ADD A DEVICE.

Removing a device from your account

  1. Log in to MyDrive Connect.
  2. Click My Devices. A list of the devices connected to your account is shown.
  3. Click on the garbage bin icon under a device to remove it from your account.
  4. On the next screen, click Remove to confirm removal of the device from the account.

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